Kids & Baby Size Charts

Regardless of how old they are, The Children's Place has the size chart to make sure you're buying the right size clothes, shoes and accessories for a comfortable fit.

What size of clothing is your 3 year old girl into?

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PRECISION SIZE FINDER For the perfect fit, measure your kid's height, chest, waist and hips – then compare with our size chart.
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Buying baby clothes is a lot like playing the lottery; you hedge your bets on a number, and hope it's the right one. But it doesn't have to be that way. While it's true that babies grow really fast, it is possible to buy clothes for them that will fit - at least for now. Use our size and .
Regardless of how old they are, The Children's Place has the size chart to make sure you're buying the right size clothes, shoes and accessories for a comfortable fit.

Size Chart To help improve your shopping experience, we have revamped our Boys and Girls Clothes product sizing. While we transition, please reference either the New or Original Size Chart .

My daughter, who is a little on the smaller side for her age, is now getting to the point where the size of her clothes pretty much matches her age. Last year, she was finally into a size 3T pants, and a 3T or 4T top depending on the brand. She recently turned 4, and is now getting into 4T pants, and is still in a size 4T top. Just keep in mind that it is easier to buy things that may too big at the moment, rather than just fit or that are too small.

As a parent, it's always nice and appreciated to have clothes for them to use later, rather than feel bad that the child can't use the ones you get now or can't use them for hardly any time at all.

An average sized 3 year old toddler would be in a 3T. Every child is unique and has their own measurements. Just to be on the safe side I would buy a size larger then the childs age. But I found that with boys they are normally a size or 2 more then there age so I would go with a 4 or 5.

My daughter at 3 was wearing 4T. She is now 5 and wears girls size 6. She is so tall, most people mistake her for 2 years older because of her height.

Don't buy shoes, unless you know his size or are buying for the future. In which case, a size 12, or 13 shoe couldn't be too small yet. Have 3 year old on thick size what sizes should I buy her. What Clothing Size is Average for a 7 year old Girl? What size clothing is right for a 3-year old? What size of clothing is your 3 year old girl into? What size clothing does a 3 year old boy wear? The options are almost limitless. Other types of clothing include bodysuits and sleeper sets.

A bodysuit is a one-piece outfit that usually includes sleeves. Some bodysuits also have built-in pants, so the toddler can wear one item and keep warm. Sleeper sets used to only be made for babies, but now they even come in adult sizes.

Since a baby boy or girl is used to wearing bodysuits, continuing to wear them when they grow into the toddler phase is easy and very comfortable for them. This is a one-piece outfit that is very warm and usually zips from the bottom of one foot to the top of the neck.

It makes it easy to remove and easy to put on and keeps your toddler warm all night. Even though there are many options, it is important to choose clothes that are made from materials that are easily cared for so you are able to wash and dry them using machines. Materials, like cotton and denim, fall in this category because these fabrics tend to be durable and hold up well with frequent washing and drying.

Many items for special occasions, like dresses and suits, must be hand washed or dry-cleaned, but many parents do not worry as much about special occasion clothes for kids, as this is worn once or twice a year, not every day.

Unlike a baby whose ability to move is limited, a toddler never wants to sit still for long, especially when there are so many toys to play with and so much to explore. Dressing a toddler can be near to impossible, but outfitting them in easy-to-use clothes can help tremendously. Clothing with elastic, for example, can make it easier to dress your toddler quickly and easily. Buttons, snaps, and zippers can all be found on toddler clothes, and each has its own benefits. Usually parents have a preference for the type of fastener on their toddler's clothes, so if you are looking to buy clothing as a gift, it can be a good idea to ask what they prefer.

Another type of closure includes Velcro. This is generally only used on shoes and other accessories, though it can sometimes be found on pants or skirts. Children, even young children, can usually open the Velcro, so parents often do not prefer this type of closure.

For most, using the normal sizes of toddler clothing will be sufficient to find the appropriate size in relation to age. It may seem strange that toddler's ages are considered in months rather than years. This has been done for many years, and since the measurements for these age groups still seem to work for most children, the tradition has continued. Many companies have a different idea of when toddler years begin; sizes such as 3T, 4T, and 5T are specific toddler sizes.

The number is the age of the child and the capital "T" stands for toddler. Some companies consider 18 and 24 months as toddler ages and sizes, as well.

In no case do you see 18T, but there are times where you see a size 2T. This stands for age two, toddler. In most cases, you are able to use the 3T, 4T, and 5T sizes to determine which size of clothes to purchase.

If your child is 3 years old, he or she is likely to fit a 3T. If your child is four years old, he or she probably fits a 4T, and so on. However, in some cases, children grow taller or shorter, or smaller or larger than the specified sizes.

If your child's height or weight is different from the chart, you may need to find his or her weight or height and use that specific size mentioned when searching for clothing. Many children are growing at a faster rate than in previous years, so they may need a different size.

For children who are 5 years old, when it comes to sizing, they could either be considered a toddler or a girl or boy. In some cases, you are able to find 5T sizes; if not, your child generally wears a size small.

Many companies are trying to do away with toddler sizes, such as 3T and 4T.

Girls; Boys; Toddler Girls/Boys; Baby; Adults; Shoes; Accessories. Regardless of how old they are, The Children's Place has the size chart to make sure you're buying the right size clothes, shoes and accessories for a comfortable fit. If the store does not use toddler sizes, 3- and 4-year-old boys and girls generally wear a size extra small (XS). Finding Toddler Clothing on eBay eBay has a wide selection of toddler clothing and accessories and makes it easy to shop from the convenience of your own home.