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My daughter is 17 months old and I can't decide if I should get her a snowsuit for this winter? I don't really see us playing out in the snow, as she seems to young for that (snowballs, etc.).

My daughter is a summer birthday, so the 1st winter she was in, the 2nd she was out My daughter is 18 months and I am trying to decide which is better to get her for winter - a one piece snow suite or separate snow pants and jacket?

Baby Coats Keeps Your Little Ones Cozy. Making sure that your baby is warm throughout fall and winter is imperative to ensuring the health of your little one.
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Daycare says that once DD is walking and moves to the one year old room (which will probably be around Christmas time), she'll be going out to play twice per day. Best snowsuit with month sizing?? minervacullen member. November Now I'm thinking that the snowsuit would be easier for daycare, and we could leave the regular.
Baby Coats Keeps Your Little Ones Cozy. Making sure that your baby is warm throughout fall and winter is imperative to ensuring the health of your little one.
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Baby Coats Keeps Your Little Ones Cozy. Making sure that your baby is warm throughout fall and winter is imperative to ensuring the health of your little one.

We got his coat and one piece from Once upon a child kids resale store, really we buy a lot of his clothes from there and the snow pants from Target. I felt having both could be handy. He goes to daycare and they do take them outside. Plus if they are playing in the snow, you have a back up that is dry for later. I have been looking for a less bulky coat for the car. My Kids always liked the 2-piece snow pants. The advantage of 2-piece is that you can use the jacket for fall and winter, my kids can move around better in 2-piece than the one piece, and if they get hot in the car for a long trip My son gets hot in his car seat rather quickly so separates are away to help him stay warm but not overheat.

Also separates allow me to get longer wear out of the jacket portion as he will continue to wear this long after he no longer needs the pants. We have always done the two pieces. When out in the snow you definitely need both, but there are many times that they are outside not playing in the snow where a jacket, gloves and hat suffice.

Also, kids are not supposed to have on their jackets while in their car seats. This way you only have to use the pants when there is snow or you go to like the zoo where you are out for hours. Otherwise you have to buy a coat and a snowsuit. I have used two pieces with my son since he was about 2 years old. We use the coat when it's not that cold and just put on the coverall part when it is. I wasn't aware until recently that kids shouldn't wear snowsuits or bulky coats in their carseat.

This video clip explains why and shows us what other types of things can be used to keep kids warm in the car. I definitely recommend a two-piece snowsuit for a child who can walk. I've started putting my daughter's snowpants on to go for walks with the stroller, because she won't keep anything else on her legs and she gets cold sitting there.

And then, of course, you'll want something warm and waterproof not fleece for playing in the snow. I would agree on the one-piece for outside. Just going in and out from store to home and stuff she won't need snow pants unless you live in the city and are walking alot.

They really do get over-heated, you don't want her to be sweaty and then take her out in the cold that would be worse. Celina M I did the 1 piece for my Daughter because it was easier to take off and on for the car.

I'm not sure if you realize this but you should not put your child in a car seat with a jacket, snowsuit, etc.. It's a big safety issue, her car seat safety belts will not work properly in an accident. I would cover my daughter and still do she is 5 with a big fleece comfy blanket. I vote for a two piece outfit.

Most days you aren't going to be "hanging" out outside, and she won't require a full bundle. A coat, and maybe a blanket to cover her legs would work to get her from house to car, car to store, etc. Keep in mind, when you do take her into a store that you plan to be in for a longer than 5 minutes, you'll most likely want to strip her of her outerwear, and having a one piece outfit is a lot more hassles, since you have to remove shoes and all that Plus, 18 month old kiddies have a hard time walking when they are all bundled like that I have three girls and have tried it all: I have found our best bet to be having a one piece snowsuit I think hannah Andersen's is the best and a winter coat.

Even snow boots at that age are very difficult for them to walk in normally, much less in the snow. It hardly ever snows before that anyway.

I would also try to buy one that will fit them next year,and you can just buy snow pants, not the whole suit.. You may want to get neutral colors too for the snow pants and boots, that way baby 2 can use them too! Personally, I'd skip it. At that age it usually takes longer to dress them than the time they want to stay out in the snow anyway! At least that's how it was for my son. I had muy kids in snowsuits then. My daughter is a summer birthday, so the 1st winter she was in, the 2nd she was out She had a one-piece snow suit that was terrific.

It may have been a hand-me-down. As for what she will be wearing next year A 2T may be fine for next winter or, if she's growing quickly, she may need a bigger size. That first winter in the snow, besides just walking and laughing in the snow, she LOVED the toddler sled we would pull her on I don't think it's a matter of whether you child will play in the snow so much, but will your child go in the car, which will be cold until the heater kicks in? Will your daughter be carried outside in the winter?

She needs to be warm. And if you don't get something that is too girly, and can be gender neutral, then you might be able to use it for 2 as well.

My first daughter loves everything, so we were out in the snow with her. If you wait until january, you may not find anything, at least not in the size you are looking for! Also, I already bought waterproof mittens for my girls because last year i couldn't find any! Anything from this area will be barely used! Personally, I would buy one, perhaps not new, but a second hand one. Boots may not be necessary, but would still be good. There will likely be some days when you would like to play in the snow or pull her in a sled.

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